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Smart applications for adult care

Elastic attachment. Your consumers want to live life to the fullest. Bostik’s adhesives help your products stand up to every action. They are uniquely formulated to give you strong performance with whatever substrates and processes you choose to use. That means they are the only adhesives you need for all your elastic bonding applications.

Construction. Smart enough to create a strong bond even between dissimilar substrates. Adaptable enough to provide the performance you need regardless of line speed or product design. And don’t forget the benefits of less blocking and bleed through, and reduced odour.

Pad attachment adhesives. Pad fastening has long been a concern for many users of light urinary incontinence products. Now you can give your consumers the performance they need to go about their day with confidence. Bostik’s experts created an entirely new way to test the pad attachment adhesive, and a product line that stands up to the demands of both the consumer and your operational needs. 

Wetness indicator. Enable caregivers—at home, hospital, or in other institutional settings—to know exactly when it is time for a change. Smart indicators help your products keep skin dry and healthy with a reliable and clear colour change. Plus, they are resistant to temperature swings and humidity, even harsh shipping and storage environments.

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