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Pad attachment. Our pad attachment adhesives enable you to produce a product that meets consumer needs and expectations. Our range of products supports the production of pads that stick consistently, stay in place, and that will not rip or leave adhesive residue upon removal. Our products also adapt and adhere to most fabric topographies, weaves, surface treatments, and elongations. Bostik can recommend the solutions you need to bring value to your operational and business objectives.

Construction. Our construction adhesive formulations are designed for excellent processability and cost optimisation. In particular, we can support the use of lower-basis weight substrates and other materials used in absorbent sanitary pads. Our goal: To meet your production needs whilst still allowing you to satisfy the needs of your consumer. 


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For decades we have been an industry leader in creating pad attachment adhesives. As consumer needs shift in an ever-evolving global market, we are changing the way you and your product users look at adhesive performance. Our scientists created Stability™, a whole new way of testing stay-in-place performance that accurately predicts consumer sentiment. Then, we created StayX™ adhesive technology so you could provide the performance your users need for the twists and turns of daily life.

Now is an exciting time for period products and the menstrual health market. Let’s work together to meet and exceed your consumers’ expectations.

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