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Assembly Adhesives

Bostik's range of product assembly adhesives comprises some of our most versatile, niche and complex technological offerings. Due to the broad scope of industries these solutions cover, it’s an area in which we are continually applying our most sophisticated levels of research and development.

From the assembly of solar panels to the attachment of intricate circuit board components, our assembly adhesive technologies are present in a remarkable variety of working environments. 

We always look to collaborate with manufacturers in new exciting areas of industry. Should you wish to contact us for a consultation on a product formulation for your projects, please contact our technical support team.

Assembly Adhesive Applications

Whether you need adhesive solutions for woodworking, electronics and circuitry, office furniture, chemical mining, outdoor solar panel installations or large-scale MRO (Maintenance, Renovations and Overhaul), we’ve got you covered at Bostik. The potential applications of our assembly products even extend into the world of footwear. 

Bostik's assembly adhesive range also encompasses lubricants, primers, accelerators and other sophisticated chemical compounds, in addition to our globally renowned adhesives.

Our cyanoacrylate bonding solutions are incredibly high-performing adhesives, available in lower viscosities should you require particularly good surface penetration or wider gap-filling capabilities. These smart products are market-leading assembly and repair aides, offering excellent adhesion to various woods, metals and plastics, as well as natural rubber, nitrile and neoprene substrates. 

Should you wish to decrease the curing time or improve the strength of your product assembly, our low-ODC accelerator is ideal, whether you’re bonding furniture trim, assembling a plastic sign or repairing metal factory-scale apparatus. 

Other popular products in our assembly adhesive range include those used for coating, laminating, pipe welding, and applications for the filter industry, ideal for domestic and plumbing uses.  

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