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Some of the adhesive products Bostik offers for electronics applications include HBTSEPS74, a solvent borne, two-component polyurethane cross-linking system designed for film to foil lamination. 


Another adhesive product for electronics applications is JB763, which is a pressure sensitive acrylic emulsion with a high peel and relatively low tack. This product also features good shear strength and excellent UV stability.

Vitel® 3350B

Bostik’s Vitel 3350B is a great adhesive product for electronics applications. An amorphous, linear, saturated polyester, Vitel 3350B is a low Tg polymer designed to be used as part of a solvent-based laminating adhesive. It can also be used in electronics applications with Bostik’s Vitel® resins to impart flexibility and improve adhesion.

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