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Filtration and Fluid Separation Adhesive - Featured Products


Bostik’s H9389 adhesive is a hot melt polyolefin for general purpose filters. With a long open time and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, H9389 is a quality adhesive product for the assembly market. 


Bostik also manufactures HM4279LV, which is a hot melt polyamide for hot air and oil filters. Designed to bond to a variety of plastic, metal and wood substrates including PVC, HM4279LV provides excellent moisture resistance, good heat resistance and high temperature resistance. 


Another adhesive product for filtration and fluid separation applications is HM4278, which is a hot melt polyamide for hot air filters. With moderate flexibility and low applications viscosity, this adhesive product for the assembly market is the highest performing polyamide adhesive for filter applications. 

These filtration and fluid separation adhesive products in particular help improve manufacturing processes, benefiting assembly production lines as a whole.

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