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Experts in disposable hygiene

For decades, Bostik has led the way in creating smart adhesives for your absorbent hygiene products. Our innovations have helped you implement evolutionary change within the industry. We’ve accomplished this by:

  • Developing the first adhesive for diaper leg elastics
  • Pioneering stretch adhesives 
  • Creating the first high-performance polyolefin elastic attachment adhesive
  • Introducing a new test method for stay-in-place performance
  • Releasing a line of adhesives centered around sustainable ingredients


Smart adhesives do more for you

Our product line includes solutions for:

  • Construction. Holding everything in its place is essential for proper product performance, and helps ensure the wearer’s comfort as well. Make sure you have the right peel strength for each application.
  • Elastic Attachment. Adhesives that flex and resist creep and shear enable your articles to stretch when they need to, and help maintain a secure fit. 
  • Core. Consistent core integrity—supported by the right adhesives and placement—enables proper absorption, re-wet protection, and skin health. In newer cores, adhesives also stabilise the SAP and keep channels in place.
  • Pad attachment. Meet or exceed your consumers’ expectations for stay-in-place performance of their period care or incontinence pads, day or night, and with a wide variety of underwear fabrics. 
  • Hot-melt wetness indicators. A simple way to offer convenience for caregivers and avoid wasted articles, whether on baby diapers or adult incontinence products.


We are sustainability enablers for absorbent hygiene

At Bostik, sustainability is at the centre of our smart adhesive solutions. We systematically evaluate our products so that a growing proportion contributes to the emergence of a more circular economy and a healthier world. Bostik adhesives enable and empower you to create more sustainable absorbent hygiene products. Our Responsibly for Hygiene programme of articles, webinars, blog posts, and whitepapers shares our expertise with others in the industry. We have also launched the Nuplaviva™ series of adhesive solutions with renewably sourced ingredients to help customers like you meet your sustainability goals.


Bostik worldwide

As the absorbent hygiene industry grows across the globe, we are there to support you. Bostik has a presence in more than 50 countries. When you encounter new challenges, we are ready. New core designs? Changing substrates? Maximising your operational efficiencies? Reducing the environmental impact of your products or operations? We have the solutions you need, whilst ensuring consistent performance and production to meet your consumers’ needs, no matter where your plant or need may be.

But that’s not all. As the adhesive solutions division of Arkema, we draw on the experience of researchers and chemists across many industries and five continents. Our seamless worldwide network gives us the capacity and the flexibility to adapt rapidly to market changes. Plus, you can depend on consistent supply availability through our reliable, effective supply chain.


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