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Adding to our expansive Bostik portfolio of bonding solutions for construction, we are pleased to introduce our new PanelTack™ System of Wall Panel and Façade Cladding Adhesives, available for both interior and exterior use. Our trusted line of innovative products is fully adapted to an extensive assortment of substrates and panel materials, suitable for any environment.

An Industry leader in Discreet Wall Panel and Façade Cladding Solutions

Bostik has been a leader in the field of wall cladding and panel bonding with the PanelTack system for more than 30 years, with proven performance to highlight our knowledge, experience and innovation on a global scale.

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Wall cladding has gained popularity in recent years for its durability, energy-saving benefits, the ease, speed and cleanliness of installation, and for a seamless aesthetic look. The adhesive system prevents the panels from sagging under their own weight, and they absorb cyclical expansion and contraction due to environmental changes, such as wind, temperature and humidity. Wall panel and façade cladding materials such as gauged porcelain tile panels, high-pressure laminate (HPL), aluminum composite materials (ACM), pressed mineral wool (PMW), fiber cement boards (FCB), porcelain, ceramic, concrete, porous substrates and other materials, to name just a few, are able to absorb wind loads and ensure a lasting bond under extreme conditions.

The complete PanelTack System includes:

Please refer to each product’s Technical Data Sheet for a comprehensive list of approved substrates.

Why choose a wall panel or façade cladding system?

With its vast design capabilities and reduced energy consumption, wall panel and façade cladding is prevalent in large, state-of-the-art applications, such as in the new construction of hospitals, schools, stadiums and various other commercial and residential buildings. The benefits of a façade system are also ideal for retrofitting over existing building exteriors, as well as for smaller or more decorative projects that can complement an existing design or construction. With panels in an extensive range of sizes and materials that can imitate or complement the appearance of numerous building aesthetics, the overall look of any building can change dramatically.

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More benefits to a bonded wall panel or façade cladding system:

  • A discreet attachment method for an aesthetically pleasing look
  • Energy-efficient cladding systems have higher thermal resistance and fewer thermal breaks
  • The elastic adhesive is more resistant to vibrations and tremors
  • No cold bridges
  • A bond that is able to absorb pressures and tensile forces due to wind
  • Favorable stress distribution
  • No unsightly screws that eventually lead to dirty stripes
  • No electricity required on site
  • No dust and noise caused by drilling and fastening
  • No weakening of the panel (remains whole with no drilling required)
  • Thinner wall panels can be used
  • Quick and easy adhering method
  • Internal and external use

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