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Our pharmaceutical and healthcare label adhesives offer:
  • Non-flagging to enhance aesthetics
  • Repositionability, clean removability and good die-cuttability to increase ease of use
  • Sterilization resistance to maintain performance
  • High tack and low surface energy adhesion to increase versatility and ensure medications remain properly labeled

Some key characteristics of our hot melts for pharmaceutical and healthcare labels include:
  • Excellent high temperature performance
  • Ability to wet out glass or HDPE container completely in 48 hours
  • Good bond to curved surfaces without flagging
Our waterborne pharmaceutical and healthcare label adhesives offer:
  • Excellent aging properties and UV and water resistance
  • Good mandrel performance
  • High tack with good shear
How Do Our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Label Adhesives Help Your Sustainability Efforts?
Designed to adhere to low surface energy substrates, our adhesives do not require surface pretreatment to form a bond, which reduces energy usage.

Additionally, our hot melt adhesives are available in bio-based format and are compatible with polypropylene and polyester recycling streams to remove automatically without impacting stream effectiveness.
Why Work with Bostik for Your Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Label Adhesive Needs?
An industry leader in technical service, Bostik offers:
  • A unique, backward integration structure among PSA suppliers for raw materials and monomers
  • Ability and willingness to custom formulate adhesives to your specific label application and manufacturing needs
  • Market-leading products and manufacturing support across broad range of applications
Our product families for pharmaceutical and healthcare adhesives include:
  • Thermogrip®
  • Flexcryl®
  • Aroset®
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