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When it comes to its usage, Bostik Seal ’N’ Bond All-In-One H550 can handle considerable cyclic expansion of construction joints in precast tilt up panels and building facades. Having a high mechanical resistance,
it is also known to be a specialist sealant for trafficable joints while maintaining considerable flexibility and durability. Also, it has properties that can withstand even atmospheric issues or inclement weather
and could still maintain the quality of its application at high level.

Furthermore, with its advanced curing technology, it is not affected by any climate while it cures.
It’s guaranteed to be non-bubbling and maintains a stable working consistency
which works even in extreme weather conditions.

And because of its superior versatility and advanced adhesion feature, its capability and application
 varies to different common construction materials without the aid of primer on most, even damp, surfaces.
These suitable materials would include concrete, brickwork, stone, glass, plasterboard, PU, PVC, hard plastics,
enamel, ceramic, aluminum, metal, and many others.

Needless to say, Bostik Seal ’N’ Bond All-In-One H550 has been trusted for commercial, residential, and commercial application because of its universal bonding and sealing features both for internal and external use.
Moreover, it introduces capabilities beyond what sealant products have to offer; it provides a solution
that is not only easier to install, but easier for the experts to use since it’s user-friendly and can be applied to almost any object which needs sealing and bonding.


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