Brands and countries

Bostik employees are driven by the strategic vision, united by the Bostik Way and proud of our history and innovative spirit!

We inspire driven individuals to achieve great things

Work that stimulate self-actualization

 We aim for each employee to achieve their personal potential through career success, and to contribute to the continued growth and advancement of Bostik. They put their potential to work to increase our collective expertise, powered by a spirit of innovation. We make it happen.

An engaging workplace environment

Bostik creates and maintains an environment of fairness, respect, and justice. We provide an atmosphere that inspires individuals and teams. Diversity is embraced and ideas are respectfully challenged. Collaboration is the way we work. Sharing ideas and experiences is what we do, and we enjoy it. 

We make a difference together gathering inside and outside of work in a variety of ways: volunteerism, special events, holiday gatherings, summer outings and more!

Service & Performance Recognition

At Bostik, people "stick" around.  

Saying "thank you" is a big part of our culture. Employees committed service to the company are celebrated upon reaching milestones alongside acknowledgement of high performers. 

Giving Back

We believe in making a difference in the communities where we operate – whether through direct volunteerism or financial contributions. We have designed a wide range of community building activities wherein our employees and their families are able to participate and build up their social consciousness and responsibility. In Bostik we believe that building relationships with our environment and communities positively impact on the work around us.