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Aquagrip 29860

  • Product

AQUAGRIP 29860 is a water-based adhesive used in building materials for partitions.

Aquagrip 3720

  • Product

Aquagrip® 3720 is a non-isocyanate one component water-based adhesive intended for spraying applications dedicated to automotive interior.


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AQUAGRIP 620 F is a polyurethane water-based adhesive for the assembly market such as leather goods applications.

Aquagrip 8104F

  • Product

Aquagrip 8104F is a water-based two-component polyurethane adhesive. This product is especially suitable for automotive interior lamination such as instrumental panels. It is a two-component adhesive with high initial strength and very good resistance against plasticizers, heat and hydrolysis.

Aquagrip TLK 115

  • Product

AQUAGRIP TLK 115 is a bio-sourced water-based adhesive, suitable for the lamination of embossed tissue for the production of toilet paper and towels

Aquagrip XV 15

  • Product

Aquagrip XV 15 is an aqueous solution of synthetic polymers.

Ardal T 8228M

  • Product

ARDAL T 8228M is a hot melt adhesive for wood. It is suitable for profile wrapping.