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Grout XL

Grouting Anchoring Mortar
Product overview
Grout XL is a mineral and cement based, in compliance with TS EN 1504-3 R4 class, normal curing grouting mortar, that is prepared with reinforcement of high quality granulometric sand, cement and high quality chemical additives. It is used in the tasks of fastening and mounting various elements such as steel construction, equipments and machine foundations both interior and exterior. It has a very strong adhesion feature that’s first and second compressive strengths are high. The product is flexible and fluid and also suitable to apply up to 10 cm in one layer. It can be either applied manually or pumped by means of a machine in liquid state. It features expansion quality, doesn’t undergo shrinkage and self-settles thanks to its high level of fluidity.
Geographic availability
  • Israel
Colors available


Available sizes
25kg (bag)

Smart Advantages

Suitable to apply up to 10 cm in one layer
High strength
Does not shrink

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