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We are working hand-in-hand with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers to go above and beyond the current industry standards for aerospace adhesives

More and more, aerospace applications use assembly processes that require quick sealing of edges or parts with heat. Heat seal adhesives are typically coated onto those substrates and activated with heat later in the assembly process to ensure a quick, effective seal.

Our specially formulated heat seal adhesives meet the challenges of the changing aerospace industry head on, demonstrating excellent performance and cost for the next generation of airplanes, as well as those created today. 

If you want to discuss custom formulations for aerospace heat seal adhesives, contact our technical team today.

Fire retardant adhesive with excellent insulation properties 

Heat seal adhesives are vital when it comes to accomplishing aerospace interior assembly tasks, such as heat or acoustic insulating for airplane interiors.

Our film adhesives demonstrate a practical, easy-to-use and cost effective solution for heat seal bonding. Their slim line and lightweight characteristics make them perfect for aerospace applications and their non-tacky formulation make usage and placement simpler and less time-consuming. 

The liquid, solvent-based adhesives within our heat seal range are typically roll coat applied, for extra smoothness. They are then laminated at elevated temperatures to form the all-important heat seal. 

Heat seal adhesive options

Film adhesives 

Film adhesives are solvent cast adhesives that form a thin flexible layer, which can be heat activated or pressure sensitive for various applications.

We have over 30 years’ experience designing solvent cast films for aerospace applications. Our products help control consistency in applications from usage variance to repeatable performance characteristics.

Liquid adhesives

We produce a wide range of liquid adhesives, from water-based technologies to solvent-based flame retardant systems. Our liquid adhesive systems lead the Aerospace Industry in interior adhesives, offering versatility and scale for any size application.

Pressure sensitive adhesive

Commonly known as PSA, pressure sensitive adhesives offer a wide range of adhesion on many different substrates. From permanent bonds to removable adhesion, PSAs are a great choice for bonding panels, fabrics, foam and other interior products.

Heat seal adhesive technologies

Fire retardancy

Fire retardant adhesives inhibit the spread of flame. They aid aerospace occupant safety by reducing fire, smoke and toxic fumes, allowing aerospace passengers a greater span of time to exit a high-danger situation. 

Lightweight solutions 

Our lightweight solutions are essential for modern construction methods. Reducing weight in transportation vehicles translates into fuel savings and a lower overall impact on the environment. 

Our adhesives offer lightweight solutions specifically formulated to decrease weight yet provide strong, lasting bonds that keep transportation moving.