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We manufacture web and film adhesives that can act as a tie layer between a large variety of skins, from fabrics and vinyl to urethane foams.

Not only are these smart adhesives designed to withstand the constant compression of dynamic loading, but they also transfer the shear stresses of cabin pressure between the substrates and core of your composite installations.

Smart Benefits

Sandwiching two substrates to a honeycomb or foam core construction results in a low weight, cost-effective aircraft component with proportionately high rigidity and durability. 

Our web and film technologies adhere to the many substrates that can be used for honeycomb sandwich construction. This versatility allows you to use Bostik adhesive on composites for floor panels, cargo holds and stow bin doors.

Bostik web adhesives are fire-retardant, VOC-free hot melt adhesives based on polymer solutions. Not only do they incur minimal wastage during the application process, but their variable weight properties can be adapted between 12-60 grams per square yard, making them cost-effective as well as smart. 

Bostik film adhesives are easy to handle and position due to their thermoset qualities and non-tacky design. These solvent-cast products can be heat-activated or pressure sensitive, giving you the flexibility to control curing times. 

Many of our products also boast exceptional fire retardancy, helping you to meet even the strictest safety standards for your cabin installations. 


Polyamide adhesive

We offer heat-activated, fire retardant web adhesives based on high-performance polyamide polymers.

Polyester adhesive

We provide a wide variety of polyester-based adhesives for aerospace, including thermoset films with excellent launderability and flexibility.  

Phenoxy resin 

Bostik film adhesives are prepared by solvent or thermal casting utilizing phenoxy chemistries as well as copolyester, polyurethane, polyacrylate and epoxy.