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An inclusive range of above deck marine sealants

At Bostik, we know that quality and durability are incredibly important to the Marine industry. Our customers expect a sealant supplier that understands the specific problems involved in building and owning yachts and ships, and one that is familiar with current safety requirements.

We are committed to providing the marine industry with a wide range of high-performance, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. Our aspiration is to continue innovating for this forward-looking industry to continually improve productivity in boat construction and fitting tasks.

Our in-house experts have extensive knowledge and experience, and use them to provide world-class technical support and advice. Through partnerships with our customers we are able to offer the best marine sealant solutions, so if you need help choosing or using any of our products, contact our team today.


Due to the complete absence of solvents and isocyanates, all of our SMP sealants are both user and environmentally friendly. Our marine sealant products show excellent UV–resistance and can withstand wide variations in ambient conditions making them suitable for a broad range of applications in the yacht and ship building industry.

We provide above deck sealant products for caulking teak and artificial decks, as well as sealing important ingress points such as windows, portholes and doorways. In addition, we provide sealant products for repair and construction applications on marine inflatables. 

Our customers also benefit from our market-leading Fire Seal products that are perfect for fire joint sealing both above and below deck. 

Safety standards

The majority of our products for the marine sector have been certified by independent notified bodies and comply with the requirements of the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED). 

Certified products are endorsed by the CE logo which provides proof that the product has passed the IMO tests for low flame spread. 

MSR CA (sskf) has also been tested and certified according to DNV-GL structural glazing procedures and has been approved as a class A and B adhesive for nautical window bonding. 




Our silyl-modified polymer (SMP) technology is at the core of our marine adhesive range. Industrial ship builders are adopting this reliable bonding technology and in the marine sector it has been widely accepted as the new standard. SMP represents a bonding technology that combines the best of two worlds: the strength of polyurethane and the unparalleled weather resistance of silicones.

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