Cementone Wide Jointing Compound

    Bostik Cementone Wide Jointing Compound

    Key Features

    • For joints 5mm to 30mm wide
    • Sets hard and resists weed growth
    • Suitable for stone, concrete, slate, terracotta, clay slabs or blocks, cobbles, etc.

    Wide jointing compound for paths and patios

    Bostik Wide Jointing Compound for paths & patios is a blend of polymers and sand that bind together on contact with air, providing an easy to use alternative to conventional cement mortar.

    Once cured it forms a solid joint, which will resist weed growth and sand loss from power washing or mechanical cleaning. Bostik Wide Jointing Compound is a single component and does not require mixing or special tools. 

    It's suitable for most types of domestic paving including natural stone, concrete, clay and terracotta in joints 5mm to 30mm in width. It is water permeable allowing the paving to drain and, when cured, is unaffected by salt and freezing conditions.

    Technical Data Sheet

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