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How Our Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology Improves Your Tapes

Based on hot melt, waterborne acrylic, specialty solution acrylic, UV and moisture-cure technologies, our broad, unmatched, pressure sensitive adhesive portfolio is adapted to all types of tape applications and enables you to select exactly the right adhesive for your specific tape needs, making it easier to:
  • Improve processability with easy-to-use, coater-ready formulations
  • Increase shelf-life integrity with specific bond strength capabilities
  • Enhance end-use performance with high tack, peel and shear over a broad temperature range
  • Reduce overall costs with no bleed-through on thin substrates
  • Decrease environmental impact with sustainable raw material backbones
In particular, these adhesives work well for the following tape applications:
  • Building and construction
  • Mobility
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Packaging