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Smart adhesives for reclosable packaging 

Bostik's reclosable packaging adhesives for thermoformed trays make it easy to accomplish your goals and address your pain points. Based on M-resin, our patented extrudable reseal technology, these adhesives: 

  • Extend food freshness and safety to meet regulatory requirements due to a strong, resealable bond 
  • Reduce material usage by 30% while being compatible with mono-APET trays and offering ideal bond performance 
  • Increase recyclability with Recyclass certification for European PE recycling stream and Plastic Sense Foundation certification for recycling single/mono-APET trays    
  • Enhance convenience with easy package opening and reclosing 
  • Improve overall package appeal due to low haze and excellent transparency 
  • Decrease production complexity low with immediate use on existing packaging lines and no CAPEX required 

Featured product: M650.F

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reclosable Packaging Adhesives


How to use the M-Resin?

The M-Resins adhesives, patented by Bostik, can be converted on the existing co-extrusion line without significant investment. Food producers can use the resealable films on existing packaging equipment with only minor adjustments.
Reseal M-Resin from Bostik can be processed on blown film lines up to 9 layers, including or not barrier material such as EVOH. Depending on the expected reclose performances, the thickness of Reseal M-Resin will vary from 12 to 15 µm.


How can reclosable lidding packaging address sustainability?

Reseal M-Resins help reduce plastic consumption, allowing up to 30% plastic reduction compared to clamshell packaging.

Official institutes have conducted tests and evaluations, confirming that Bostik M-Resin Adhesives do not impact the recyclability of PE film and APET tray: 

 "RECYCLASS concludes that Bostik M-Resins technology is compatible with the existing European Industrial recycling processes for PE flexibles."

"The PLASTIC SENSE FOUNDATION certifies that the adhesives "M-Resins manufactured by Bostik comply with the Recyclability Guidelines for Thermoformed PET Trays."

Resealable packaging reduces food waste by keeping the freshness of the food and extending food shelf life.


What is the dual System combining M-Resin and Vitel resins for resealable packaging?

Dual System combines the resealable feature with a sealing layer based on polyester from the Vitel® range allowing the lidding film to be sealed on a mono APET tray.
Such a combination contributes to plastic material source reduction by eliminating the need for a multilayer tray and allows the recyclability of the APET tray, complying with the Recyclability Guidelines for APET tray as follows:

"The PLASTIC SENSE FOUNDATION certifies that the following adhesives references M-Resins and Vitel® manufactured by the company Bostik, Inc. complies with the Recyclability Guidelines for Thermoformed PET Trays not disturbing the recycling process of thermoformed PET packaging and is, therefore, approved for its use in processes and products to be certified under ECO SENSE and RETRAY schemes supported by the Foundation."

VITEL® is the trade name for high molecular weight, linear saturated co-polyester resins. It allows lower extrusion temperature vs. market standard, excellent compatibility with M-Resins, and lower heat activation.

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