Brands and countries

Our innovative bonding solutions are used and recognized worldwide in new construction and renovation projects. You will find Bostik solutions for bonding flooring, tiling, waterproofing, grouting, decorating, assembly and insulation. 

Our "Fixing & Sealing" range includes a complete and innovative offer of professional solutions for durable and efficient interior and exterior sealing and bonding.

For the "Floors and Walls" range, we offer you professional solutions and systems for the preparation of substrates and the bonding of all types of wall and floor coverings.

Bostik is a global leading adhesive specialist in industrial, construction and consumer markets. This page will provide you information about the Construction market  which can be split into 2 main submarkets:

  • Wall & Floor
  • Sealing & Bonding

Our smart adhesive systems are used globally in the construction of new buildings and refurbishment projects. You’ll find Bostik solutions for flooring, tiling, waterproofing, sealing, decoration, assembly and insulation. 

The Sealing & Bonding range contains a smart complete offer of professional solutions and concepts for sustainable and efficient interior and exterior sealing & bonding jobs. 

For the Wall & Floor range we offer you professional solutions and systems for the preparation and the installation of all kinds of coverings on wall and floors. 

Discover More about Building & Construction

Bostik ACADEMY is a knowledge center carefully created for professionals in the construction market.

At Bostik ACADEMY you will experience a tailored training program that is perfectly matched to your needs.

Our highly skilled Technical Team will present our product portfolio, best application methods, and key industry recommendations. In addition, we are also able to offer tailored dedicated trainings to you and your team.

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