Rapid Repair Mortar

    Rapid Repair Mortar for filling holes and cracks in floors

    Key Features

    • Rapid curing for early trafficking
    • High polymer content 
    • Sag resistant 
    • No maximum thickness

    A rapid curing, patching compound for filling holes and cracks in floors

    Bostik Rapid Repair Mortar is a rapid curing, sag resistant, cementitious compound with a high polymer content. 

    It can be used in vertical and horizontal applications for the levelling of holes and cracks, or larger uneven areas in screeds, raw concrete floors and foundations. It can also be used for the levelling of internal steps and pedestals.

    It's mixed with water and can be applied at any thickness. It's suitable for use with underfloor heating installations provided a surface temperature of 27°C is not exceeded.

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