Screedmaster Epoxy Primer

    Screedmaster Epoxy Primer

    Key Features

    • Excellent adhesion
    • Compatible with all Bostik Screedmaster products
    • Suitable for use on calcium sulphate screeds (when diluted)

    Two part, solvent-free, water dispersable epoxy primer

    Bostik Screedmaster Epoxy Primer is a non-flammable, two component, water dispersible primer containing exact quantities of resin and hardener, ready for mixing together. 

    Curing occurs by chemical reaction, producing a semi-gloss film finish, and the primer is coloured to identify coated areas. 

    Bostik Screedmaster Epoxy Primer can be used as a primer or bonding agent prior to the application of any of the Bostik Screedmaster range of smoothing compounds. 

    It can be used on smooth and dense surfaces, power floated concrete, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo, rigid metal, asphalt and surface membranes. 

    When diluted, it may also be used as a barrier primer on anhydrite (calcium sulphate) screeds prior to the application of cementitious materials.

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