Screedmaster One Coat Membrane

Screedmaster One Coat Membrane

Epoxy surface damp proof membrane for cementitious subfloors

Screedmaster One Coat Membrane is a two part, solvent-free, epoxy surface damp proof membrane (DPM).

Containing the exact quantities of resin and hardener ready for mixing together, Screedmaster One Coat Membrane is designed to suppress residual construction moisture in cementitious subfloors, which enables floor coverings to be installed earlier in building projects.

On a smooth, power floated concrete base, a single coat application can provide protection up to a maximum hygrometer reading of 97% relative humidity (RH).

Screedmaster One Coat membrane has also been developed to work with calcium sulphate screeds (up to 87% RH), and can in some circumstances be used with under floor heating systems.

As it’s solvent-free, Screedmaster One Coat Membrane is suitable for use in all project work including hospitals, schools, retail outlets and commercial projects.

  • For use on cementitious subfloors up to 97% RH
  • Can be used on calcium sulphate screeds up to 87% RH (without UFH)
  • Solvent-free
  • Suitable for use in all areas of project work

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