Screedmaster Ultimate

Screedmaster Ultimate floor levelling compound

A two part, protein-free smoothing compound

Screedmaster Ultimate is a two part smoothing compound that incorporates a blend of cements and aggregates combined with special additives. It’s mixed with a protein free synthetic rubber latex to give minimal odour, making it suitable for use in occupied areas. This unique formulation enables it to also be used to smooth rough textured subfloors prior to the application of Bostik Screedmaster damp proof membranes.

Screedmaster Ultimate can be laid over most common substrates including: concrete, sand/cement screeds, stone, anhydrite screeds, rigid metal, terrazzo and quarry tiles, asphalt and other strong, rigid subfloors.

It has excellent workability and flow characteristics, is self-smoothing and can be trowelled to a feather edge.

  • Can be used under a surface DPM
  • Self-smoothing and low odour
  • Feather edge up to 10mm

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