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Hot Melt Headliner Adhesive for Automotive Interior Assembly

We offer a complete line of automotive headliner adhesives that are easily integrated with robotic equipment, providing you with the fastest, safest and most efficient solution for automotive interior headliner assembly.

Our automotive headliner adhesive is designed to be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) meaning they are easier to handle and pose less of a threat to workers. They are also specially formulated to be fast curing, preventing stringing and making clean up a simple process.

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect adhesive solution for the job. So if you’re interested in using our auto headliner adhesive on your assembly line and want personalized guidance on its usage, you can contact our account team directly.

High-Performance in Creep Test 

We have brought conventional hot melt adhesives to the highest level, combining impressive initial tack with high bond strength and excellent temperature resistance. Our specially formulated chemistries perform at the optimum levels needed to pass OEM tests and for passing temperature creep tests with fast application times.

Through the use of our hot melt products, simplification can be obtained in virtually every aspect of the bonding process, from transport to adhesive and energy consumption.

Our smart technologies make it possible to move away from solvent or water-based liquid adhesives and flame lamination. Instead, we offer a much cleaner and easier process for creating the headliner board and the laminating of foam-backed fabrics.

Headliner Adhesive Applications

Due to the many functions of a headliner, they require the use of a multitude of different materials. This can include composite board, foams, fabrics, plastic and electrical components. Our range of headliner adhesives provides the possibility to combine a wide range of different materials for any headliner application. 

Coverstock Bonding

The headliner coverstock is the visible layer of the headliner to the passenger inside the car. It consists of several layers of cloth or fabric and foam. Web adhesives bond this layer to a rigid board giving the headliner its unique shape and contours.

Headliner Attachment Adhesives

Unseen by the passenger, the headliner has many components that are attached to it, providing the in-car comforts of electronic consoles, sunroofs, sound absorption and crash mitigation. Ensuring quality assembly and performance, our headliner attachment adhesives bond these components together securely.

Sound Foam and Safety Plastics

Sound foam reduces the amount of outside noise heard inside the car, while safety plastics help to provide cushioning in case of head impact.


Stiffeners within the multiple functional layers of the headliner attachments support the headliner fabric in the shape of the vehicle.

Wire Harness and Console Mounting

The wire harness transmits power throughout the vehicle and is an integral part of the headliner attachment. Overhead consoles provide overhead lighting, power for video playback devices and electronics controls. 

Automotive Headliner Adhesive: Smart Technologies

We have products in multiple chemistries suitable for lamination of coverstock, edge-folding, and attachment of backside components such as wire harnesses, water hoses, energy absorption foams, safety plastics, hook-and-loop fasteners, and sunroof trim rings and clips.

Our key technologies include:

Hot Melt Polyolefin

Demonstrating good adhesion to a variety of different automotive substrates, this adhesive type is perfect for bonding safety plastics, acoustic foams and stiffeners. 

Hot Melt Polyamide 

Hot melt polyamide possesses excellent plasticiser resistance, making this solution ideal for wires and differing plastics. 

Hot Melt EVA 

Popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber, this adhesive has a good cost per part and is used in less critical areas of the headliner such as edge wrapping and clips. 

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