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Bostik’s Freezer Grade Label Adhesive Products are Permanent and Removable and are Designed to Withstand Cold Temperatures for a Range of Applications.

Bostik’s line of freezer grade label adhesive products offers superior manufacturing efficiency and clean application. Permanent or removable, these adhesive products for freezer labels can withstand the most challenging temperatures, even as low as -15°F.

Additionally, Bostik’s freezer grade label adhesive products are low staining and specifically formulated for optimal converting and easier processing. Safe and consistent, they are also the reliable label choice for any product that must be refrigerated or held in cold storage or freezer conditions.

Freezer Grade Label Adhesive Product Applications

Bostik’s freezer grade label adhesive products are the smart choice for a range of applications including meat packaging, medical products, cold beverage storage and common packaging substrates used in freezer conditions. 

These adhesive products are also able to accommodate an expansive range of open times and have less edge ooze.

Featured Freezer Grade Label Adhesive Products 

Designed to improve the quality and efficiency of customers’ applications, some of our freezer grade label adhesive products include:

Thermogrip® 2259-01

Thermogrip 2259-01 is considered a best-in-the-industry freezer grade label adhesive. This product has low viscosity and good die-cutting. Light in color, this product has excellent cold temperature performance and great adhesion to polyolefin substrates and paper with application temperatures down to -15°F.

Thermogrip® 2916H

Thermogrip 2916H is a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive that has good removable properties and allows labels to be applied at lower temperatures. 

Bostik works with our customers to assure they achieve the best possible adhesive technology for their products along with optimized operating efficiencies.

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