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Variety of Applications for General Purpose Label Adhesives

As a result, they are used in a variety of applications including packing slips, office supplies and printable labels. Additionally, these general purpose label adhesive products have good high and low temperature performance and can also be used for paper face stock or filmic face stock. Exhibiting a balance of tack and peel and good workability, these products have excellent converting capabilities, which is an aspect Bostik customers have come to expect from our label adhesive products. 

Smart Adhesive Products 

Bostik’s general purpose label adhesive product Thermogrip® H20192 in particular has seen significant success since its launch in late 2015. This product is a hot melt pressure sensitive general purpose label adhesive that has an excellent balance of tack and peel on various substrates used for shipping. Additionally, H20192 is a low viscosity product that has good low temperature performance and superior adhesion to poly, corrugate and plastics. 

Another quality general purpose label adhesive product is Bostik’s Thermogrip® H2885. This product performs well when higher tack and peel at room temperature are needed. As a result, it is a great adhesive for permanent tape and label applications and offers superior die cut performance. 

In particular, H2885 has good adhesion to polypropylene Rx vials, even in the presence of slip agents. While this product works for permanent applications, it can be removed and repositioned within 15-30 minutes. It also has sufficient strength to prevent flagging.

Offering More than Smart Products

Bostik offers more than our line of quality general purpose label adhesive products. We work with our customers every step along the way to ensure complete satisfaction with our general label adhesive products.

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