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Bostik has the expertise to meet the challenging application requirements for removable/repositionable adhesive products. 

Created with easy processability in mind, these pressure sensitive removable/repositionable adhesive products are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of our customers’ operations, while providing the best overall value.

Featured Removable/Repositionable Adhesive Products

Thermogrip® H2355-01

Thermogrip H2355-01 is Bostik’s lowest peel removable hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive product. Great for shelf marking, this product has clean removability and bonds well to metal and painted materials. With good die cutting and excellent bleed through resistance on thermal imaging stock, this product is also removable from office papers, corrugated and select films when used as a label adhesive.  It also bonds well to mobil film polypropylene. H2355-01 features low peel and high viscosity. It has a very low odor and a light color.

Bostik is an industry-leader in the tape and label market. Our market-focused customer service and technical consultants work with customers every step along the way to ensure removable/repositionable adhesive product satisfaction.

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