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Providing passengers with the right in-plane experience is vital to achieving excellence in the modern aerospace industry. Meeting the all-important expectations of modern airplane interior ‘look-and-feel’ can only be achieved with the right aerospace adhesives. 

Our contact adhesives have been selected by many major global airlines for use throughout the interiors of their planes. Utilized in various applications, our adhesives provide immediate bonding of decorative laminates to all common aerospace background substrates. 

Although traditionally thought of as liquids, our smart contact adhesives can also be provided as pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive films.

If you’d like to discuss working with us to create customer formulations to meet specific aerospace interior challenges, contact our technical team directly.

Mounting Decorative Laminates for Aerospace Interiors

Our comprehensive range covers the full spectrum of aerospace interior contact adhesive applications and provides a competitive cost per component value.

We have specialized adhesives, formulated to give excellent fire retardancy while maintaining strong bonds, as well as peel and stick pressure sensitive films perfect for pre-applied applications. 

Our range also covers liquid adhesives ideal for large surface area bonding and adhesives designed to bond to multiple fibrous, porous and non-porous substrates, including aluminum, ABS, vinyl films and foams, urethanes, nitriles, natural and synthetic fabrics.

Contact Adhesive Options

Film Adhesives

Film adhesives are solvent cast adhesives that form a thin flexible layer, which can be heat activated or pressure sensitive for various applications.

We have over 30 years’ experience designing solvent cast films for aerospace applications. Our products help control consistency in applications from usage variance to repeatable performance characteristics.

Liquid Adhesives

We produce a wide range of liquid adhesives, from water-based technologies to solvent-based flame retardant systems. Our liquid adhesive systems lead the aerospace Industry in interior adhesives, offering versatility and scale for any size application.

Web Adhesives

Our web adhesives offer a smart bonding solution for many aerospace applications. These versatile adhesives are developed through a process in which hot melt adhesives are formed into a web-like, non woven material that handles like fabric.

As well as providing consistent application control, web adhesives save on energy and operating costs, allowing plant space to be used more efficiently.

Contact Adhesive Technologies

Fire Retardancy

Fire retardant adhesives inhibit the spread of flame. They aid aerospace occupant safety by reducing fire, smoke and toxic fumes, allowing aerospace passengers a greater span of time to exit a high-danger situation. 

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Commonly known as PSA, pressure sensitive adhesives offer a wide range of adhesion on many different substrates. From permanent bonds to removable adhesion, PSAs are a great choice for bonding panels, fabrics, foam and other interior products.

Lightweight Solutions

Our lightweight solutions are essential for modern construction methods. Reducing weight in transportation vehicles translates into fuel savings and a lower overall impact on the environment.

Our adhesives offer lightweight solutions specifically formulated to decrease weight yet provide strong, lasting bonds that keep transportation moving.

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