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When it comes to fitting the interior components of an aircraft, Bostik attachment adhesives offer many advantages for tier manufacturers.

Smart Benefits

Our attachment adhesives provide a peel and stick feature for faster, easier interior assembly and installation. These versatile adhesives come as a film or liquid – and both forms combine well with hook and loop adhesive products. 

Whether you’re installing placards and signage or retrofitting decorative laminates, our attachment adhesives perform optimally under a variety of conditions, and even bond flexible PVF and vinyl materials. 

Bostik aerospace adhesives are world-renowned for their fire-retardant properties. Our products have exceptional resistance to elevated temperatures and humidity, as well as strong insulation qualities. Coupled with excellent tack at room temperature, our heat-activated and pressure sensitive adhesives are a safer, smarter solution for essential applications like interior trim and strip lights. 

Our solvent-based, liquid adhesives can be used on nearly all porous substrates, and our smart film adhesives even add peel and stick functionality to applications that have already had adhesives applied to them. 


Acrylic Adhesive

Our liquid acrylic adhesive range has many smart properties. As self-crosslinking products, they can change to a more pressure-sensitive physical state when dried at an elevated temperature, making them an effective bonding solution when force is applied. 

Adhesive Film

Our film adhesive comes in the form of a solvent cast. This forms a thin layer that can be molded for various uses when activated by heat or put under adequate pressure. 

With 30 years’ experience developing solvent cast films for aerospace applications, we are confident that our products will perform consistently. 

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