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Simplicity and time saving are the basic principles for the product range for this application segment. From standard formulations to unique high-end innovative solutions such as instant grab or quick drying till full transparent solutions and mega strong products. The vast majority of the products do come with the French A+ VOC certifications and some also come with the EMICODE and Finnish M1 certifications. 

Bostik is also offering a unique concept for high pressure laminated panel bonding and insulation panel bonding for EIFS/ETIC projects. Unique high quality and full certified products. These products can be found in Bostiks application segment ‘Panel & Insulation’. 

From skirting boards and decorative wall panels, to carpet gripper strips and stair nosing’s, the potential uses of grab adhesives are almost endless. Our unique formulations provide excellent adhesion and initial grab, eliminating the need for nails, screws and rivets.  

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For the application segment Grabs & Adhesives, we’ve create for you a range of Grab adhesives to bond a seemingly unlimited variety of objects and substrates, with some of our products capable of maintaining this exceptional adhesion underwater, or in adverse weather conditions. Also products that can bond impervious and non-porous substrates together are engineered.

Whether you’re working with glazed, plastic, metal, concrete, plaster, stone or wood based substrates, our solutions guarantee superior grab and gap filling with low door formulations. 

The product characteristics and performance of all these adhesives are developed and optimised in close cooperation with professionals of this branche. This is to ensure that you can apply a high quality product in the most convenient way with maximum results. 

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Bostik ACADEMY is a knowledge center carefully created for professionals in the construction market.

At Bostik ACADEMY you will experience a tailored training program that is perfectly matched to your needs.

Our highly skilled Technical Team will present our product portfolio, best application methods, and key industry recommendations. In addition, we are also able to offer tailored dedicated trainings to you and your team.

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