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For nearly five decades, Bostik has led the way in creating smart adhesives for disposable hygiene products.

From developing the first adhesive for elastic nappy legs to pioneering stretch adhesives to the first high-performance polyolefin elastic attachment adhesive, our innovations have created evolutionary change within the disposable hygiene industry worldwide


Smarter adhesives that do more

A smart adhesive is one that enables a disposable hygiene product to fulfil its mission: keep the wearer dry and comfortable…and be discrete about it. It also has the intelligence to enhance manufacturing operations by improving efficiencies, reducing costs and expanding adaptability. 

Through innovation and collaboration, Bostik can help you add value at every stage of your project. Our next-generation coaters, full-service testing and expert technical troubleshooting save you the downtime and hassle of testing on your own lines...while adding expertise you can rely on. Our product development team has the depth of experience necessary to ensure superior bonding and overall performance. And because our dedicated market experts keep a close eye on emerging trends and dynamics, we will help you be ready to meet them successfully. When you have a new idea or are beginning a project, it is time to contact Bostik.


Bostik worldwide

As the disposable hygiene industry spreads globally, Bostik expands right alongside its customers. We now have a manufacturing and marketing presence in more than 50 countries. As our customers encounter new challenges – thinner cores, better absorption, improved softness, and changing substrates – we are ready with smart solutions to ensure consistent performance and production…no matter where your plant or need may be.

As a division of Bostik Worldwide, we leverage the experience of researchers and chemists across five continents. Our seamless worldwide network gives us the capacity and the production flexibility to adapt rapidly to market changes. Plus, you are ensured of supply reliability through our effective, dependable supply chain.

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