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From specialty wire-coating and coil encapsulation to audio component assembly and mounting, these adhesive products for electronics are durable, versatile and strong. 

Bostik’s adhesive products are also specially formulated with low pressure molding, which protects electronics against moisture, dust, dirt and vibration. This ensures the adhesive products are encapsulated and environmentally protected. 

The types of Bostik adhesive products used for electronics in the assembly market include liquid urethanes, hot melt polyurethanes and MS-polymer based sealants. 

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Some of the adhesive products Bostik offers for electronics applications include HBTSEPS74, a solvent borne, two-component polyurethane cross-linking system designed for film to foil lamination. 


Another adhesive product for electronics applications is JB763, which is a pressure sensitive acrylic emulsion with a high peel and relatively low tack. This product also features good shear strength and excellent UV stability.

Vitel® 3350B

Bostik’s Vitel 3350B is a great adhesive product for electronics applications. An amorphous, linear, saturated polyester, Vitel 3350B is a low Tg polymer designed to be used as part of a solvent-based laminating adhesive. It can also be used in electronics applications with Bostik’s Vitel® resins to impart flexibility and improve adhesion.

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