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High-performance load floor adhesive from our dedicated automotive adhesive range

Our complete range of load floor and boot liner bonding adhesives provides the perfect solution for fast, safe and efficient automotive assembly. 
Our adhesives are designed to bond to common automotive substrates at speed and to meet the toughest OEM challenges of the automotive industry. Plus, smart innovations in our automotive product range means our adhesives adapt to your application techniques and processes. 
Rising to the individual challenges of the automotive industry is what we do best. If you want to discuss your specific assembly needs, we would love to help you find and use the best adhesive for the job. 
Contact our account team directly and improve your bonding processes with Bostik today.

Designing today for tomorrow’s substrates

Our hot melt and hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives demonstrate impressive performance both at application and when set. They bond quickly to all common automotive substrates and are specially designed to meet industry specifications and reduce OEM claims and design failures.
Use of our hot melt polyurethane reactive adhesives (HMPURs) can reduce the amount of adhesive used in your application process; thereby, helping you bond more boot liners with less adhesive than ever before.

Load floor adhesive applications 

Boot liner bonding

The boot liner includes both the bottom and sides of the boot. Boot liner bonding is comprised of a top layer of carpet, vinyl, or fabric adhered to fibreboard or glass-filled polypropylene.

Automotive load stock adhesive: Smart technologies

We have products in multiple chemistries suitable for lamination of load floor bonding.
Our key technologies include:
  • Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive

  • Hot melt polyolefin

  • Hot melt polyurethane
  • Solvent-based