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Lacquer coatings: smart, subtle packaging solutions for condiment lidding

At Bostik, we provide a range of lacquer coatings that can be used as top-coatings for both paper and aluminum-based packaging solutions. Acting as an alternative to film laminations, these specially formulated systems give you a smart surface print that is resistant to chemical damage, heat, and scratches or other forms of physical abrasion.

Smart benefits

On a broad variety of day-to-day food packaging, Bostik lacquer is applied to the print ink on the package label. This technology can either be a gloss, high gloss, or matt lacquer, and serves to stop the ink running or ‘bleeding’ off the packaging. 

As part of our gloss lacquer coating range, we produce various solutions that can be applied to paper, cardboard, aluminum foil and plastic receptacles.

These systems are ideal for paper-based food packaging, and can also be applied to foil lidding. Boasting resistance to heat, water, solvents, scratching, as well as an aesthetically-pleasing transparency, our lacquers are ideal for enhancing the look and feel of your condiment or yogurt lidding.

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