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Heat seal coatings for food packaging materials

Our heat seal coatings are designed for both extrusion and solvent-based application, and can be bonded to a variety of substrates including paper, foils, and vacuum-formed plastic compounds. 

At Bostik, our heat seal technologies are comprised of solvent-based systems, water-based adhesives, gel lacquers, hot melts (both low and high viscosity), and polymers.

Our low viscosity, EVA-based solutions are suitable for coating with rollers and for use on paper and food applications. Our high viscosity alternatives are made for extrusion, capable of being applied to both food and industrial applications and bonding to paper and board materials.  

Our EVA-based hot melts come in reduced melt index varieties to improve heat seal properties, flexibility, fold resistance, viscosity and cohesion as well as performance at high temperatures. 

What is truly smart about our heat seal coatings is their flexibility. By adapting the application parameters of pressure and heat in proportion to setting time, you can tailor your own application process to suit your needs. Whether you couple high temperatures with a short cure time, or use lower temperatures over a longer period (ideal if you’re using substrates that are particularly sensitive to intense heat) you can achieve optimum bond strength at a pace that suits you. 

Heat seal: flexible packaging applications

Food packaging materials

We offer heat seal solutions for food packaging materials designed specifically for use with high heat applications. Our heat seal coatings are compliant with both hygiene regulations regarding direct food contact and peel force requirements, as well as meeting the necessary COF for high line speed packaging.

We manufacture solutions that bond polyester or foil lidding to polystyrene or polypropene (materials chiefly used for yogurt containers), and we produce hot melts that are used for yogurt and soap wrapping.

Our heat seal coatings are also ideal for dual ovenable applications, providing bonding solutions for polyester films and laminated tray stock.

In addition to our heat seal product range, we excel at customized formulations that can fulfill all manner of customer requirements. Contact our technical team for more details.

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