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Bostik is a leading distributor of pressure sensitive adhesive technologies to the tape and label industry. 

We prioritize the design and engineering of products that ensure clean machining for manufacturers, while providing unparalleled bonding properties. These are just some of the qualities that make our clear waterproof labels a staple for manufacturers of health, beauty and cosmetic products, as well as other consumer goods with permanent adhesive labels. 

At Bostik, we are committed to making your products look as good as possible, while optimizing the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. We are determined to produce high-end adhesives that are compatible with any container, label or machine. 

If you require technical support or custom formulations for your unique consumer market, you can contact our customer support team directly.

Clear labels: adhesive applications

Bostik clear label adhesive solutions are innovative for many reasons, most notably the sleek aesthetic they achieve. 

Our specially developed and patented ‘clear-on-clear’ technology works to provide the smoothest conversion process possible for your roll machining. As well as actively preventing haloing, curling, or bleeding of your transparent films, our adhesives allow your converters to function sufficiently without the use of primer coated substrates.  

In addition, Bostik clear label adhesives bond well to plastic and glass bottles, and come in wash-off formulations. This provides perfect bottle labelling for businesses looking to expand their recyclable range of products and containers, whether you’re selling beers or body-scrubs.  

Not only are our clear labels aesthetically appealing and easy to apply, they’re also durable. Excessive moisture and rough handling are no threat to our range of clear label products, which offer exceptionally high tack and adhesion performance. 

As well as boasting excellent die-cut properties and low release value, our clear label adhesives can give you a removable label that maintains a flawlessly clean peel for up to 24 hours after application.

Clear labels: adhesive technologies

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSA)

We produce both water-based and hot melt formulations of PSA adhesive. Whether you are after high shear strength, resistance to extreme temperatures, or flexible open times, our PSA solutions can be of benefit to you.  

Bostik PSA technology is also key to our patented self-labelling adhesives. With this being one of our specialized areas of development, we provide our customers with the best technical support. If you have any queries on your PSA product contact us here.

Water based adhesives

Compatible with a wide range of paper and label stock, Bostik water based adhesives are available in many different viscosities and can function at various operation speeds. 

They also meet and exceed the standards of typical ice water resistance tests, providing high wet tack, fast setting and efficient clean up.