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CemenTech C2 Duo

Two-component crystallized waterproofing mortar
Product overview
CemenTech C2 Duo is a cement based, two- component, brush consistency, red colored cementitious compound and white colored liquid emulsion sealing slurry that is reinforced by polymeric additives, and that is used in the solution of problems arising from capillary effects. It is used in both positive and negative side of waterproofing of terraces, foundations and basements. CemenTech C2 Duo creates crystals that don’t melt within water when it reacts with water and renders the concrete water-tight permanently upon penetration of these crystals into the capillary vessels of the concrete.
Geographic availability
  • Egypt
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

Smart Advantages

High adhesion quality and strongly adheres to surfaces
High abrasion resistance
Suitable for use in drinking waters

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