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Show Notes:

The absorbent hygiene market varies by region, and each has its own history, cultures, customs, and languages. However, there are distinctions between and even within countries. As an article producer, you need to keep these factors in mind when it comes to consumer preferences and expectations. In this episode of ‘Attached to Hygiene’, Rockey Ye, Business Director for Bostik's Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and Tina Li, Bostik's Strategic Market and Technical Service Manager, share their knowledge of absorbent hygiene in the APAC region. Topics include market size, growth potential, demographics, user habits, and the influence of local and international brands.

The Impact of Culture, Demographics, Income, and More on Consumer Buying Habits

Even within the same region, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to meeting your consumer’s needs. For example, some consider the menstrual health market in APAC to be the most diversified of all the world’s regions. This plays a significant role in what types of articles are produced. In some APAC countries, individuals who menstruate prefer a thicker, longer-lasting pad. In other countries within this region, users want a product with additives that help keep them cooler in a warm climate.

In certain areas of the industry, product supply is outpacing demand. Because of this, commoditisation is occurring in the low- and mid-tier levels of absorbent articles. Conversely, innovation is shaping higher-end products.

Families, especially those with greater disposable incomes, are having fewer children. As a result, fewer baby diapers are produced and when they are, the products include more premium features. This lower birth rate, coupled with an aging population, is leading some manufacturers to shift their focus. Especially notable are growth opportunities in adult incontinence and period care.

While local brands are entering the absorbent hygiene market, the global and regional brands continue to dominate. As a manufacturer who serves the APAC region, you can benefit from understanding these and other evolving dynamics and trends.

Outline of the Episode

  • [05:10] Introduction of Rockey Ye and Tina Li

  • [07:53] The APAC region’s market size and growth potential

  • [13:10] How APAC differs from other regions, based on demographics and other factors

  • [14:29] Higher income and its connection to a declining birth rate

  • [17:22] The effect of Asia's diverse cultures on user habits

  • [20:02] More disposable income means a higher demand for premium products

  • [24:15] Material science innovation in absorbent hygiene

  • [28:45] Divergent trends: Low-end commoditisation and high-end innovation

  • [31:51] Consolidation in the manufacturing market

  • [34:08] An e-commerce report on the company BabyCare

  • [35:30] Global and regional brands still dominant in APAC


You can find Tina Li on LinkedIn. You may wish to leave her or Rockey a message through our email at

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