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Show Notes:

How will the nonwovens industry look in 2035? From a declining birth rate to unexpected world events to regulations, “business as usual” may be substantially different in just over a decade. In this episode of “Attached to Hygiene,” host Jack Hughes delves into predictions with three long-time players in the industry: Nick Carter, Vice President, Nonwovens Marketing at Avgol Nonwovens; DeeAnn Nelson, NA-R&D and Innovation Manager at Avgol; and Darius Deak, Global R&D Director for Bostik. Together they use their decades of experience to make informed projections for the disposable hygiene market.

Highlights include:

  • The influence of purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices by Millennials and Gen Z consumers
  • How outside factors such as legislation could change the industry
  • What products and new innovations will look like in the future
  • How “black swan” events like COVID-19 will play a role
  • The growing focus on trends such as sustainability

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Host: Jack Hughes

Music by Jonathan Boyle

Produced and edited by: Jack Hughes with help from Paul Andrews, Michele Tonkovitz, Emory Churness, Nikki Ackerman, and Green Onion Creative.


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