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Episode 55:
The Consumer Trends Impacting Absorbent Hygiene pt. 2
with Liying Qian and Ali Angus

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On Episode 55, Euromonitor’s Ali Angus and Liying Qian discuss how three more of their Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2023 affect absorbent hygiene manufacturers.

For consumers, there is no universal acknowledgement of, for example, frequency. Sometimes there is a bit of irregularity. What about absorbency, right? The volume of discharge? Sometimes we see the droplets or other things like that.

So there's a lack of universal consensus of hygiene conditions. And therefore a lot of consumers still remain confused about what they're experiencing, how they're quantifying that, and translating that into the final purchase decision.

Host Jack Hughes continues his conversation with Euromonitor’s Ali Angus, Head of Innovation Practice, and Liying Qian, Head of Tissue and Disposable Hygiene. In recent episodes, they reviewed the market research firm’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2023 and began to explore those with the clearest impact on the absorbent hygiene industry. This episode looks at the final three trends with the biggest impact on hygiene.

‘She Rises’: Women bring their needs and expectations into the open

To combat years of stigma, the topic of menstruation and related issues are being discussed honestly. Companies are seeking better ways to speak about and meet the consumer’s needs. Another example: the ‘fem tech’ industry is partnering with absorbent hygiene manufacturers to incorporate technology that can perform health screenings and other functions into menstrual products that shoppers use regularly.

‘Authentic Automation’: Pairing smart machines with human needs

As the ability of computers to do more for us increases, so does their ability to drive a more personalised experience. The lack of universally-accepted terminology to describe flows, volumes, or even product capacity for menstruation and incontinence can make shopping difficult. Smart tools and quizzes can help consumers clarify their needs and narrow down product options. When these bots alone aren’t enough, manufacturers and retailers may also have consultants standing by to help.

‘Young and Disrupted’: Pushing companies into a new way of interacting

Gen Z, a highly vocal yet diverse generation, wants genuine connections to brands. They challenge manufacturers on both performance and social issues. Companies may find themselves in new and uncomfortable conversations in the most public of venues. (One example: menstruation for transgender users.) Moreover, these shoppers want sincere responses, and they expect to see them put into action.

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Outline of Episode 55

She Rises
  • [03:10] The intersection of ‘fem tech’ and absorbent hygiene articles
  • [05:10] Improving user experience with smart wearables
Authentic Automation
  • [08:03] Using automation to help customise the shopping experience
  • [10:15] Tools helping to shorten the consumer shopping journey
Young and Disrupted
  • [17:22] Gen Z challenges brands on both performance and social issues
  • [19:50] Brands are pushed to participate in conversations that were uncomfortable not very long ago
Final Recommendations
  • [23:40] Read and truly understand the trends, what drives them, and how they pertain to your absorbent hygiene consumers
  • [25:05] Consider how facets of these trends are manifesting in other industries and consider how they can be adapted to your own

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