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Bostik Maxi Sealant Gun

CG-HP20 12 Bostik Caulking Gun
30860764 - 44 x 25 CM
Product overview
Bostik Maxi Sealant Gun is a universal joint and glue chair that fits cartridges up to 300 ml. The cradle of the joint gun ensures that the cartridge is held in place and is at the same time rotatable so that the joint tip has the right angle in relation to the surface.
Optimised to work with different types of adhesives and sealants with light compressive force. 

Bostik Maxi Sealant Gun has an anti-drip function - the flow of glue or joint stops immediately when you release the handle. Anti-drip function increases precision and reduces product spillage.
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  • Ireland
Colors available


Available sizes
Cartridge gun

Smart Advantages

  • The Bostik maxi Sealant gun is built to last with quality Steel construction and is suitable for 300ml cartridges
  • Metal handle and Anti-Drip setting

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