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We supply a variety of products to help treat your grout, whether it’s been subject to discoloration, moisture damage, general dirt, mold or mildew.

We maintain that prevention is better than cure. Explore our long-lasting and low maintenance grouting products.

Cleaning grout

The most common issues affecting grout will be cement scale, grease, soap scum, and other forms of unsightly dirt or mold that can slowly wear away your grout and tile.

At Bostik, we provide several solutions, from solvent to phosphoric acid-based cleaners. Our solvent-based products also double up as thinning or viscosity reducing agents, while phosphoric acid is ideal for removing dirt from ceramic tiles and grout.

Whether you need to remove oils, polyurethane, tar and other stubborn substances from application equipment and tiles or want to get grime off your hands, we have a range of non-toxic, waterless products for every job. 

Haze removal

Developed over years of testing and refinement, our urethane grout haze cleaners are cost-effective haze removal solutions supplied in an easy to apply spray form.

Doubling as an all-purpose tile cleaner, and compatible with all tile surfaces and climate conditions, they are an invaluable and versatile addition to any tiling kit.

Grout repair

Grout can easily become cracked or damaged. Incorrect installation, unexpectedly harsh temperature conditions, moisture and accidents can all lead to cracks in your grout.

Our acrylic fillers and caulk products can be applied in many different situations. Whether it’s for domestic applications or large commercial installations, we have effective, easy-to-use products to suit your grout repair needs.

Our flexible products can be used for interior and exterior fittings, and also double up as solutions for filling fine cracks and cavities around windows, doors and skirting boards.

Grout restoration

Whether your grout is suffering from general discoloration or other symptoms of domestic aging, or you are encountering a more serious issue such as efflorescence, our range of smart solutions are guaranteed to do the job.

For general aging, our range of restoration products can refresh the appearance of your grout. Efflorescence can be solved using our phosphoric or hydrofluoric acid-based products.

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