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The perfect preparation for tile adhesive  

Our primer and bonding agents are perfect for the preparation of most substrates, particularly smooth, dense, dusty and porous surfaces such as plastered walls, resin coated backgrounds, screeds, tongue-and-groove floorboards or plywood walls.

Ideal for wet or dry locations, our tile primer controls absorbency and adhesive drying rates, stabilizes bases, increases water resistance in immersed applications and improves the workability and spreadability of your adhesive. It also helps reduce adhesive drying shrinkage and improves adhesive shock, frost and chemical resistance.


Our tile primer works with a wide range of wall and floor backgrounds:


  • Plaster and plasterboard
  • Rendered surfaces
  • Concrete blocks
  • Dense concrete
  • Plywood
  • Painted walls (emulsion only)
  • Fiber mesh
  • Cement faced boards
  • Tile backer boards
  • Tile-to-tile
  • Lightweight blocks


  • Concrete base
  • Anhydrite calcium sulphate screed
  • Ceramic and natural stone base
  • Asphalt base
  • Timber floors
  • Floating plywood floors
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Acoustic matting
  • Damp proof membranes

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