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Sealing grout is an essential component of nearly all tile installations. So we start by making sure our grouts do the basics well. Bostik grout sealers prevent stains, protect your tiles from moisture and chemical damage and keep mold and mildew at bay.

We also offer high-performing grouts for challenging environments. If you’re applying tiles in spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms, our sealant is perfect for use with ceramic, natural stone and a whole host of synthetic materials. 

If you’re installing tiles with a small surface area, our smart products accelerate the process, meaning you can avoid spending an entire day with your roller. Our more viscous, water-based solutions are provided in an easy-to-apply spray bottle, making trowelability problems a thing of the past. 

We also produce a variety of sealing agents, whether you need a colored grout sealer to give your tiles an impressive finish, or simply a strong penetrating sealer to make your facilities as impervious as possible.

Adhesive Technologies

  • Acrylic grout
  • Epoxy grout
  • Urethane grout
  • Cement grout

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Mosaic and Glass Tile Adhesive

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