Brands and countries

We work with leading food suppliers, cosmetic specialists and breweries to produce sophisticated labeling adhesives with excellent processability and holding power. 

Bostik label adhesives are specially designed to improve the efficiency of application processes while delivering an aesthetically appealing finish. 

We specialize in the formulation of adhesives for bottle labels and clear labels, with our patented ‘clear-on-clear’ adhesive technology.

From clear waterproof labels for health, beauty and care products to beer bottle labels, our smart adhesives are found in a wide range of specialist applications. 

Smart innovations in label adhesive

We provide a comprehensive range of products for both permanent and removable label formulations. As well as possessing excellent tolerance of high and low temperatures (ranging as cold as deep-freeze conditions), our label solutions also boast excellent holding power, clarity and adhesion to low surface energy substrates, while accommodating high line speed and ensuring clean die-cutting. 

Bostik AquaGrip™ L20167 is a go-to choice for many large breweries worldwide - its non-casein composition gives it exceptional tack on cold and wet glass substrates. Not only does L20167 meet common ice water resistance standards, it also provides a fast set speed and quick and easy clean-up. 

Our patented ‘clear-on-clear’ adhesive is also a staple for many label manufacturers, looking for the ‘no label look’. Available in both permanent and ‘wash-off’ formulations, this smart technology is a great way to distinguish your labels.