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Deep freeze label adhesives for the frozen food packaging industry

At Bostik, we know that clarity of labeling is of the utmost importance in the food industry. That is why our deep freeze adhesive products are engineered to ensure the packaging and labeling of your products maintain an unflawed, legible appearance and are easily traceable as a result.

We work with a wide range of customers across the frozen food and food grade packaging supply chain and are continuously adapting our engineering and research processes to supply the market with reliable, durable, and sanitary solutions for cold storage labels.

Deep Freeze Labels: Adhesive Applications

Our versatile range of deep freeze label adhesives are chemically engineered to be compatible with the surface types commonly used with meat and fish products, as well as other typical packaging substrates - both refrigerator and freezer grade.

With our patented hot melt technologies meeting the highest standard of EU food regulations, your label bonds won’t be compromised by either cold or damp surfaces, or high degrees of condensation. Like all our label adhesives, Bostik freezer grade products possess impressive die-cut abilities and provide easy convertibility to minimize curling, warping, or bleeding of your labels and their edges.

What also makes us the market-leading suppliers to the food packaging industry is that debonding does not occur with our adhesives, granting you reliable, and cost effective labelling solutions. All our deep freeze label adhesives are formulated with the intent of providing superior manufacturing efficiency, and clean label application.

As well as ensuring minimal staining, easy machining, converting, and general processing, our adhesives can work to deep freeze temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit, for both permanent and removable labels.      

Deep freeze labels: adhesive technologies

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA)

Our strong and versatile hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are suitable for a vast range of applications. Offering fast setting, short open times, and excellent wet out, our hot melts are engineered to provide you with cost-effective, productive, and robust adhesive solutions that minimize wastage and emissions.

Thorough research and testing are regularly carried out to ensure that our HMPSA products perform consistently in as many working and manufacturing environments as possible.