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At Bostik, we supply customers throughout the entire tire label supply chain - be they in the production, conversion, printing or application of labels. We’re committed to supplying the adhesives our customers need for tire labels that are clear and legible with a sleek finish, and that can bear the brunt of extreme storage and transportation conditions.

Having specialized in smart and durable adhesive technologies for several decades, our knowledgeable research and development teams are equipped to provide tire labels with the strong, smart adhesions and chemical properties our customers demand.

Tire Labels: Adhesive Applications

The adhesive products we engineer to be compatible with vehicle tire labels are formulated to provide exceptional grab and a tenacious bond. Not only that, but their polyvalent properties provide exceptional long term adhesion and gap-fill over all kinds of irregular surfaces and face materials.

We are constantly adapting our chemical engineering processes to optimize the productivity of our end users. That is why our tire label adhesives consistently provide excellent die-cutting capabilities, even at a high coating weight.

Our adhesive solutions ensure that the most important information on tire labels is flawlessly clear – from load indexes, to temperature grades and tire traction specifications. In fact,  our high standing in the European and global label markets is largely due to the unparalleled level of clarity that our products provide.

Repeated mechanical and load stresses, extended inventory duration, and extreme temperatures are no match for our tough label adhesives. Our tire-specific products are also fabricated with coarse, oily surfaces in mind, so by choosing a Bostik product, you can rest assured the sprues on new tires won’t hinder our adhesive’s ability to stick labels down.

For bespoke adhesive solutions tailored to your specifications, contact our technical support team to discuss one-off formulations.

Tire Labels: Adhesive Technologies

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA)

We produce ranges of our market-leading hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives designed specifically for use by labeling manufacturers. Our unique, patented HMPSA solutions are specially engineered to maintain consistent, high-level performance.

Even if your tires are fresh from the molding line, our HMPSAs will still hold the labels on your tire, regardless of their temperature. As well as complying with the most stringent standards of European legislation, our HMPSA products ensure reliable quality, for a price manufacturers can afford.