Cutting edge solutions, driven by Arkema expertise

Based on a water-white technology, Kizen™ is designed for ease of use and strong bond performance on case and carton sealing applications.



With Kizen™, packaging manufacturers experience the comfort, security and efficiency they deserve.


    • "Plug & Play" switch / Excellent chemical compatibility
    • Free flowing / Room temperature tack-free pellets
    • Clean hoses and nozzles / Thermal stability
    • Ultra precise drop / Clean cut adhesive
    • Improved atmosphere / Low odour



    • Reinforced supply availability and stability / Bostik integration to Arkema
    • Fall prevention / Flat pellets
    • Enhanced ergonomics / Light and easy prehension packaging
    • Cleaner atmosphere / Low fuming


    • Minimal adhesive consumption / Coating weight reduction
    • Increased productivity / Reduction of line stops and fast setting time
    • Investment-free "Plug & Play" implementation / Excellent chemical compatibility
    • More reliable closing / High performance bonds


Looking for peace of mind ? Discover how to gain comfort, security and efficiency with Kizen™.

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