Brands and countries

At Bostik, we develop and deliver innovative products to help DIYers and craft enthusiasts to easily accomplish everyday tasks with the best possible results. 

We are committed to meeting the common needs of people everywhere. Our R&D programs strive to provide environmentally-safe products that are easy to use, save time and money, offer superior performance and allow you to achieve professional quality results.

With a DIY and consumer range of over 2,000 different products sold in over 120 countries worldwide, our brands and products are trusted for use in a wide range of applications all over the world. These include contact adhesive, grab adhesives and more.

Smart Innovations

It is our passion for understanding exactly what users want to achieve that makes us different. Globally we have innovative household names such as Blu-Tack, our entire Evo-Stik range and our own-brand decoration and repair products like Super Glu. In the Philippines it's Rugby Original Contact Cement a very well known brand for consumer adhesive and No More Nails that are shaping the way DIYers and craft enthusiasts complete their household jobs.