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What are Smart Adhesives?

At Bostik, we imagine a wide range of product systems and solutions that make our world safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive to the dynamic challenges of our environment.

As the technological demands of the construction and manufacturing industries have grown, we have followed pace, developing innovative adhesives to make whatever is assembled or constructed smarter and more adaptive to our customers’ needs.

From fire-resistant sealants to diaper adhesives that change color when wet, our smart bonding solutions do much more than just stick things together.


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Our definition of smart

Each of our smart innovations corresponds to the following four attributes or a combination of them. 


We apply innovative technologies to address regulatory compliance, sustainability and environmental challenges. We remain committed to delivering safer solutions that comply with stringent safety standards to ensure the health and well-being of those manufacturing, applying and benefiting from our smart solutions. 


When used as part of a complete system, our smart bonding solutions enable customers and users to achieve the highest levels of performance and quality whilst reducing costs and improving productivity. 


The high performance properties of our smart bonding solutions enable them to adapt to all kinds of surfaces and materials and perform in the most demanding conditions. They are easy to use and offer many advantages over other joining and attachment methods.


We continuously apply innovation and technical know-how to deliver smart solutions that combine superior bonding performance with other functionality to meet the ever-changing and increasingly demanding requirements of our markets, customers and end-users.

Our smart adhesives do more with less. In addition to sticking things together, they take on additional properties, contributing more value than their original purpose.